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Teams for August 19th Bay Area Tournament

Tournament Info
Poppy Ridge Golf Course
Merlot Course
Livermore, CA
Aug 19, 2018 1:00 pm
Thanks Nick Abbott and your staff for hosting us.
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City Tour is the premier golf tour for amateur golfers 21 and older. We run nationwide, team-based golf tournaments near major cities.
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City Tour Championship

TPC Louisiana & Bayou Oaks at City Park
Sep 15th - Sep 16th
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Our National Partners
Matt O'brien
Kyle Utter
John Heywood
Jalen Griffin
Will Beal
Mark Olaguer
Tj Wilcop
Emily Garbutt
Rakesh Gowni
Elise Trebaol
Mike Carlson
Andrew Dye
Olivier Guilbault
Matthew Houghton
Jamie Dunnam
Alex Anderson
Thomas Reinholm
Kevin Meehan
Stephen Green
Mike Kane
Kendra Bishop
Jw Phillips
Jason Palumbo
Terry Hines
David Oh
Taylor Roberts
Ryan Janecek