Teams for April 28th Boston Tournament

Tournament Info
Oyster Harbors Club
Osterville, MA
Apr 28, 2019 12:30 pm
Thanks Sean Edmonds and your staff for hosting us.
What is the City Tour?

City Tour is the premier golf tour for amateur golfers 21 and older. We run nationwide, team-based golf tournaments near major cities.
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City Tour Championship

Pinehurst No. 6 & Pinehurst No. 8
Aug 31st - Sep 1st
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Our National Partners
Brad Madsen
Chris O'connell
Tim Bengston
Mark Murphy
Chris Holmes
James Gabriel
Christopher Rhodes
Brian Steverman
Matt Flanagan
Mike Giorgetti
Brian Flanagan
Chris Murray
Christopher Mcmillan
Michael Gustin
Nick Pezzulo
Kenneth Donnelly
Sinead Oliver
Ryan Butler
Steven Gagen
Kristen Henderson
Michel Jasmin
Jeremy Gagen
Mary Gale
Christine Gagner
Adam Marcoulier
Nathan Marcoulier
Andrew Hunt
Mark Carpentier
Bryan Gwozdz
Eric Lipocky
Mike Narducci
Tim Araujo
Alec Shanahan
Andrew Young
Mark Monday
James Monday
Connor Calhoun
Brandon Newsome
Richard Markiewicz
John Macek
William Bogle
Skylar Jacobs
Cam Bushway
Dan Biscoe
Ted Matwijec
Romeo Solviletti
Phil Strazzulla
Luke Stull
Brian Hood
Brian Delgreco
Anthony Denisco
Michael Knight
Michael Rubino
Corey Lasko
Kevin Dawber
Matt Lasko