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Teams for July 28th Seattle Tournament

Tournament Info
The Home Course
Dupont, WA
Jul 28, 2019 12:06 pm
Thanks Sean Howland and your staff for hosting us.
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City Tour is the premier golf tour for amateur golfers 21 and older. We run nationwide, team-based golf tournaments near major cities.
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City Tour Championship

Pinehurst No. 6 & Pinehurst No. 8
Aug 31st - Sep 1st
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Our National Partners
Anthony Van vactor
Joshua Field
Aric Logsdon
Raleigh Rockwell
Matt Chamberlain
James Slade
Mike Sullivan
Blake Walker
Jase Rouleau
Matthew Gonn
Chris Torres
Cody Bruton
Nick Bruton
Nick Johnson
Joseph Smith
Matt Gombossy
Dale Severude
David Morgan
Anthony Carchi