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Teams for May 11th Bay Area Tournament

Tournament Info
Callippe Preserve Golf Course
Pleasanton, CA
May 11, 2019 11:00 am
Thanks Kyle Timm and your staff for hosting us.
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City Tour is the premier golf tour for amateur golfers 21 and older. We run nationwide, team-based golf tournaments near major cities.
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City Tour Championship

Pinehurst No. 6 & Pinehurst No. 8
Aug 31st - Sep 1st
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Our National Partners
Piere Ngo
Brian Vo
Ryan Hoang
Vy Nong
Hoang Tran
Dan Nguyen
Thomas Nelson
Mike Garcia
Anthony Layton
Earl Amos
Victor Ramos
Gerry Lopez
Geoff Peroutka
Spencer Mclaughlin
Peter Miles
Thane Tokerud
Max Fleisher
Travis Rowney
Scott Brinkman
Brian Howard
Dan Mcnely
Trevor Demerritt
Austin Hatfield
Cody Wong
Kyle Demerritt