Teams for March 5th - March 6th Florida Region Tournament

Tournament Info
Rogers Park Golf Course
Tampa, FL
Mar 5, 2022 8:30 am
Mar 6, 2022 8:30 am
Thanks Travis J. Heidel and your staff for hosting us.
Srixon Medalists
Medalists at all NCCGA tournaments who play the Z-Star ball receive a free dozen balls. Are you good enough to join these medalists?
Congratulations to the University of Florida on a clutch win by 1 stroke over the University of Tampa. Nate Juffer from Tampa led the field of players winning Mealist this weekend. Great first tournament of the Spring 2022 season.
Our National Partners
Will Veilleux
Scott Atkins
Chase Shimberg
Katelyn Anderson
Juan Urquides
Robbie Sulzer
Hunter Goodman
Addison Wells
Ethan Myers
Jake Harvey
Carson Yonker
Nate Juffer
Jack Nadeau
Tia Walker
William Sukow
Avery Hayes
Colin Barrett
Jared Leclerc
Joe Hazel
Griffin Conroy
Jack Georgeu
Jake Prior
Liam Stout
Nick Ferrie
Kyle Michaelson
Nathaniel Scullard-bender
Robert Walbert
Ryan Maharaj
Marco Plasencia
Lane Young
Chase Hanson
Dylan Sanchez
Harrison Racicot
Andrew Ashley
Jackson Weisbrot
Dhruv Patel
Thomas Christensen
Ryder Williamson
Evan Kuperman
Thomas Davidson
Rj Glod
Jared Civin
Matthew Lorelle
Griffin Hout
Arjun Hiren
Heidi Christensen
Luke Stankavage
Dante Moser
Zachary Bell
Harry Rittel
John Figura
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Blake Dubin
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