The City Tour will run 6 team-based golf tournaments in Boston for amateur golfers of all skill levels. Sign up your team or register as an individual today.
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Local Partners
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Tournament Schedule

Prices include cart, range, a sleeve of Srixon Z-Star balls, tee gifts, and awards. City Tour does not charge membership fees.
May 1
Ledgemont Country Club
Seekonk, MA
Saturday, May 1st | 12:30 pm
Price increases on: Apr 21st
Jun 6
Indian Pond CC
Kingston, MA
Sunday, Jun 6th | 1:00 pm
Price increases on: May 27th
Jul 11
Shaker Hills Country Club
Harvard, MA
Sunday, Jul 11th | 10:30 am
Price increases on: Jul 1st
Aug 7
Saturday, Aug 7th
More details coming soon!
Sep 11
Saturday, Sep 11th
More details coming soon!
Oct 2
Saturday, Oct 2nd
More details coming soon!

How it works

City Tour offers local and national competition with a low commitment—each city holds one weekend event (Saturday or Sunday) per month during the summer, and the best teams from both formats will qualify to represent their city at the City Tour Championship in the Fall. Our player base is made up of college teammates, co-workers, high school friends, former champions, golfers new to a city, and everything in-between. All swings are welcome.
City tour team play
Each team has 2–3 pairs. We'll help fill out your team if you don't have enough people, or match you to a team if you're signing up as a free agent.
City tour format
Decide how competitive you're feeling. The formats available are Best Ball (more serious) and Scramble (more relaxed).
City tour scoring
Final scores are tallied using scores from the two best pairs on your team. If your team does well enough, you'll qualify for the City Championship!
Format & Rules
Tournaments are based on team play rather than individual competition, and don’t require handicaps. All events are sanctioned under USGA rules, although local course rules do apply. Please visit the Rules and Eligibility page for complete rules and eligibility information.
City Tour tournaments are held on Saturdays or Sundays at high-end public venues, semi-private, or private courses and cost between $75–$110 per event. There are no membership fees or additional costs for City Tour.
You can expect a professionally run event with great people and the opportunity to network with golfers 21 and older in your city.
The top teams in each format in each city will qualify for the City Tour Championship on labor day weekend. Teams may qualify for the City Championship with a Wild Card bid as well. Check out the Rules and Eligibility page for more information.
Top team and pair prizes. Longest drive and closest to pin contests. Cash prizes through optional skins game. Top teams qualify for the National Championship
All players receive a tee gift including a sleeve of Srixon Z-Star premium golf balls, tees, ball markers, and more.
Still have questions? Click here to view our FAQ, or feel free to contact Ben Tyler at / (508) 641-5491
2021 City Tour Championship
September 3rd - 5th
2021 nextgengolf city tour whistling straits
Whistling Straits & Blackwolf Run
Sheboygan, WI
Boston city tour player
Player Spotlight
cody Philips
Team Captain
"I love the City Tour for the professional tournament feel and great competition. From tournament start to finish they make you feel like a PGA tour player. It has also been awesome to have the opportunity to travel to different parts of the country and participate in their tournaments."

Boston Teams

401 Legends
Captain: Eddy Delsignore
4 Fore Fun
Captain: Alex Boys
Captain: Brad Madsen
A Par is Born
Captain: William Bogle
Back 9 Bandits
Captain: Nicholas Markey
Back Nine Big Dogs
Beantown Hacks
Captain: Nicholas Thebeau
Beers and Birdies
Captain: Brian Sullivan
Binding Authority
Captain: Jack Dowd
Bird Bath
Captain: Kyle Burvill
Birdie Bandits
Birdie Juice
Captain: Christian Ulmer
Birdies & Beers
Captain: Ben Knott
Bogey McBogeyface
Captain: Sam Oglesby
Boss of the Moss
Captain: Stephen Price
Boston Agents
Captain: Jeff Woishnis
Breakfast Ballers
Captain: Shawn Kittredge
Captain: Colin Browne
Bsu Golf
Captain: Alex Bellino
Cape Codders
Captain: Mike Giorgetti
City Slin
Captain: Adam Goldstein
Coefficient of Restitution
Captain: Tommy Haylon
Coffee Calves Bombs & Hellacious Seeds
Captain: Steve Bukolt
Crispy Boys
Captain: David Dunham
Captain: Ryan Cronin
DC Wings
Captain: Michael Gustin
Captain: Ryan St.paul
Deloitte Boston
Captain: Tracy Martin
DJ lefty
Captain: Rich Doherty
Dottie Pepperin These Greens
Captain: Sean Henry
Dropkick Birdies
Captain: Harry Chiu
Dunnes Team
Emory Club Golf
Captain: Jason Barefoot
Faculty Lounge
Captain: John Brocki
Captain: Evan Walsh
Foot Wedge
Captain: Andrew Johnston
Fore Play
Captain: Sinead Oliver
Fore the Bean
Captain: Nikolas Perry
Friar Golf
Captain: Alexander Whitmore
Full-kit Shankers
Captain: Mike Allen
Get in the Bunker
Golf Ball Whacker Guys
Captain: Billy Collins
Golf is Hard
Captain: Ross Henderson
Gopher Gold
Captain: Kevin Geary
Captain: Adam Marcoulier
Green Jackets
Captain: Adam Marcoulier
gunga galunga
Captain: Adam Feinstein
Gutenberg Media
Captain: Jamie Weiss
Hack Life
Captain: Jon Bishop
Captain: Brian Steverman
Harborpoint Golf Society
Captain: Elisha Lung
Captain: Shawn Ray
hosel rockets
Captain: Andrew King
Ians Team
Captain: Ian Mackinnon
Captain: Kevin Thomas
I'd Rather Be Swinging
Captain: James Johnston
In The Drink
Captain: Zach Walker
It Don't Mattah to Jesus
Captain: Andrew Naugler
Jacobs Squad
Captain: Jacob Hemeon
James' Team
Captain: James Clough
JP Ryans
Captain: Brad Gubber
Just Tap it in
Captain: David Erickson
Juul in the Rough
Captain: Ross Jacobson
Larry City
Captain: Dan Biscoe
Laureen's Team
Captain: Laureen Ouellet
Long Johnny D
Captain: Paul Andrick
Luke's Squad
MIT Club Golf
Captain: Patrick Ryan
Captain: Matthew Clark
Mulligan's Island
Captain: Ben Hinckley
Captain: John Cassidy
Never Lay Up
Captain: Brandon Ciaramitaro
Ninja Walrus
Captain: Stephen Mills
No Half Measures
Captain: Alex Pomerantz
Nordgren Wealth Management
Captain: Samuel Majewski
Olde Salem
Captain: Nick Pezzulo
One fell swoop
Captain: Corey Carr
Pack of Golf Gs
Captain: Brendan Mclaughlin
Par-Tee On
Captain: Chelsea Sedlar
Philly Bisc
Captain: Phil Coletti
Pine Rid
Captain: Roscoe Sweeney
Pin Seekers
Captain: Jamie Moore
Potato Cannons
Captain: Ross Krapfel
Proper Rules Boys
Captain: Joe Iacona
Putter Face
Captain: Nate Lachnit
Putter Jams 03
Captain: Jay Reardon
Red White & On in 2
Captain: Shawn Clowers
Ricks Wrecking Crew
Captain: Eddie Haroian
Savage Scramblers
Captain: Geoffrey Mclaughlin
Captain: Scott Brindle
Schneider Economics
Captain: Steven Schneider
Captain: Kevin Boudreau
Captain: Bram Berkowitz
Six Sheets To The Wind
Captain: Parker Kelly
Skilled 3putters
Captain: Dan Bauters
Smoking Tees
Captain: James Ruitto
Smoking the Greens
Captain: Jeff Martin
Sofa Kings
Captain: Ed Skowron
Spin Pals
Captain: Pascal Garneau
Stiff Hips
Captain: Richard Markiewicz
Stocking Stuffers
Captain: Phil Strazzulla
Strokes Of Genius
Sultans of swing
Captain: Tom Mitchell
Super Fun Golf Crew
Captain: Mike ziggy Giles
Team 3-Putt
Captain: Matt Temme
Team Asselin
Captain: Nick Asselin
Team Cone
Captain: Alex Cone
Team Debenedictis
Captain: Steven Debenedictis
Team Galen
Captain: Stephen Wagner
Team Knight
Captain: Robert Knight
Team Meat
Captain: Ben Rogers
Team Nf
Captain: Corey Lasko
Team Petr
Captain: Peter Santo
Team Rum Ham
Captain: Emmett Turner-jackson
Team Sauce
Captain: Douglas Ellis
Team Skip
Captain: Chris Hogan
Team Smith
Captain: James Smith iii
Team Van Auken
Captain: Ryan Van auken
Team Yip
Captain: Jared Thomas
The Accounting Crows
Captain: Matthew Mennucci
The Bogey Men
Captain: Mark Pagliarini
The Button Hole Kids
Captain: Ryan Strik
The Fliers Club
Captain: Dave Mcadams
The Four of Greater Boston
Captain: Anders Hulleberg
The Hosel Rockets
Captain: Josh Pedersen
The Kyle's
Captain: Kyle Hampton
The Milk Men
Captain: Mike Miller
The Scrambled Eggs
Captain: Matt Cooper
Tigers Wood
Captain: Erik Palmason
Tiger Woods
TJs Squad
Triple D
Captain: Kevin Davis
Turf Team
Captain: Joe Preiss
Unh Wildcats
Captain: Chris Saunders
Captain: Jake Benson
Waltham WW
Captain: Austin Duarte
Wedgie up my Putter
Captain: Lucas Mcneilly
Whose Your Caddy
Captain: Jeffrey Hart
Will's Team
Captain: Will Bertelson
WuTome Clan
City tour group

Boston City Ambassador

Nextgengolf City Ambassadors are backbone of the City Tour. These leaders represent Nextgengolf locally in over 20 cities across the country, and work tirelessly to help us bring the best social golf experiences to you.
Ben Tyler
Our City Ambassador in Boston is Ben Tyler, from Nextgengolf. Ben started with Nextgengolf in 2019 and is a great resource for all things related to the City Tour

About the Boston City Tour

The Boston Golf market has a rich history by hosting significant events such as the US Open and Ryder Cup. The city has a great young adult population since there are so many colleges located in town. There is an abundance of quality golf courses within driving distance to the city which makes Boston a really strong market for the City Tour golf tournaments.