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The City Tour will run 6 team-based golf tournaments in Dc for amateur golfers of all skill levels. Sign up your team or register as an individual today.
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Tournament Schedule

Prices include cart, range, a sleeve of Srixon Z-Star balls, tee gifts, and awards. City Tour does not charge membership fees.
Jun 10
Potomac Shores Golf Club
Potomac Shores, VA
Sunday, Jun 10th | 12:00 pm
Winning Teams
Best Ball: Deloitte Arlington
Scramble: Grant Thornton
Winning Pairs
Best Ball: Brian Rolland & Rob Zehnder
Scramble: Felicita Rich & Jacob Benish
Jun 23
University of Maryland Golf Course
College Park, MD
Saturday, Jun 23rd | 11:30 am
Winning Teams
Best Ball: Forced Curry
Scramble: Par 69
Winning Pairs
Best Ball: Tim Burke & Quentin Bivens
Scramble: Wayne Brown & Adam Kim
Jul 14
Reston National GC
Reston, VA
Saturday, Jul 14th | 10:04 am
Winning Teams
Best Ball: Deloitte Arlington
Scramble: Par 69
Winning Pairs
Best Ball: Matt Reardon & Patrick Curry
Scramble: Drew Whitson & Wayne Brown
Aug 4
National Golf Club
Fort Washington, MD
Saturday, Aug 4th | 12:00 pm
Winning Teams
Best Ball: Deloitte Arlington
Scramble: Par 69
Winning Pairs
Best Ball: Tyson Brock & Christopher Crouse
Scramble: Drew Whitson & Wayne Brown
Aug 18
Westfields Golf Club
Clifton, VA
Saturday, Aug 18th | 1:00 pm
Winning Teams
Best Ball: Deloitte Arlington
Scramble: Par 69
Winning Pairs
Best Ball: Ryan Mextorf & Brian Rolland
Scramble: Nicholas Beaudoin & Muhammad Salam
Oct 13
Country Club at Woodmore
Mitchellville, MD
Saturday, Oct 13th | 12:00 pm
Winning Teams
Scramble: Deloitte Arlington
Winning Pairs
Scramble: Brian Rolland & Ilya Sirotinin
2018 City Tour Championship
September 15th - September 16th
City tour championship bayou oaks 2b
TPC Louisiana & Bayou Oaks
New Orleans, LA
2018 Top Teams
Position Team Name Points
1 Par 69 30
2 Deloitte Arlington 2 13
3 Deloitte Arlington 9
Best Ball
Position Team Name Points
1 Deloitte Arlington 30
2 Forced Curry 7
3 Curry Magic 6
2018 Dc Champions
Best Ball
team image silhouette placeholder
team image silhouette placeholder
Olivia de fouchier
Player Spotlight
Olivia de Fouchier
DC Free Agent
"I was so excited when I discovered that there was a DC City Tour. I'm only here for the summer which makes it hard for me to find people to play with. Not only has DC City Tour enabled me to maintain competitive golfing, I have been able to meet great people in DC! The golf courses we play at are great ones in the area and organization is on point!"

Dc Teams

Balls Deep In The Rough
Captain: William Koontz
Captain: Cody Pearson
Captain: Austen Ehly
Curry Magic
Captain: Patrick Curry
Dan Jacksons Team
Captain: Mason King
Deloitte Arlington
Captain: Ryan Mextorf
Deloitte Arlington 2
Captain: Wesley Ericksen
Deloitte McLean
Captain: Ryan Gulino
Dirty Mike and the boys
Captain: David Athenson
Dude Wheres my Par
Captain: Jonathan Walter
Fairway to Heaven
Forced Curry
Captain: Ross Krapfel
Gentlemans 7
Captain: Tyler Mckee
Grant Thornton
Captain: Alex Hume
Local Knowledge
Captain: Ethan Zimman
Captain: Zach Aziz
No 1 Balls in Golf
Captain: Chris Boutilier
Old Man Club Team
Par 69
Captain: Christopher Baer
Potomac Agents
Captain: Samuel Banks
Rich Money
Captain: Felicita Rich
Saturdays Are For the Birdies
Captain: Colt Johnson
Shooter McGavin
Captain: Tim Albright
Singh Vijay Singh
Captain: Jeff Martire
Sons of John Daly
Captain: Christopher Watson
Team Capitals
Captain: Christopher Scott
Team Faust
Captain: Patsy Dinuzzo
Team Fireball
Captain: Brice Alexander
Team Gabby
Captain: Pat Tye
Captain: Grant Johnson
The Price Is Wrong
Captain: Seth Rabinovitz
This is a Provisional
Captain: Nathan George
Those Aren't Pillows
Captain: Dan Huynh
Tulane Club Golf
Captain: Chandler Simon
City tour group

About City Tour

City Tour offers local and national competition with a low commitment—each city holds one weekend event (Saturday or Sunday) per month during the summer, and the best teams from both formats will qualify to represent their city at the City Tour Championship in the Fall. Our player base is made up of college teammates, co-workers, high school friends, former champions, golfers new to a city, and everything in-between. All swings are welcome.
City tour team play
Each team has 2–3 pairs. We'll help fill out your team if you don't have enough people, or match you to a team if you're signing up as a free agent.
City tour format
Decide how competitive you're feeling. The formats available are Best Ball (more serious) and Scramble (more relaxed).
City tour scoring
Final scores are tallied using scores from the two best pairs on your team. If your team does well enough, you'll qualify for the City Championship!
Format & Rules
Tournaments are based on team play rather than individual competition, and don’t require handicaps. All events are sanctioned under USGA rules, although local course rules do apply. Please visit the Rules and Eligibility page for complete rules and eligibility information.
City Tour tournaments are held on Saturdays or Sundays at high-end public venues, semi-private, or private courses and cost between $75–$110 per event. There are no membership fees or additional costs for City Tour.
You can expect a professionally run event with great people and the opportunity to network with golfers in their 20's and 30's.
The top teams in each format in each city will qualify for the City Tour Championship in September 2018. Teams may qualify for the City Championship with a Wild Card bid as well. Check out the Rules and Eligibility page for more information.
Top team and pair prizes. Longest drive and closest to pin contests. Cash prizes through optional skins game. Top teams qualify for the National Championship
All players receive a tee gift including a sleeve of Srixon Z-Star premium golf balls, tees, ball markers, and more.
Still have questions? Click here to view our FAQ, or feel free to contact Mike Devlin at devlin@nextgengolf.org / (617) 990-6351
City tour buddies

Dc City Leader

Nextgengolf City Leaders are backbone of the City Tour. These leaders represent Nextgengolf locally in over 20 cities across the country, and work tirelessly to help us bring the best social golf experiences to you.
Brian Rolland
Patrick, our city leader in DC, owns a small government consulting company called A-Frame Solutions. He grew up in New Hampshire and has been playing various sports his entire life including baseball, football, and hockey. Patrick golfs regularly and is a member at Norbeck Country Club located in Rockville, MD. Patrick is married but doesn't have any kids which helps support his golfing habit.

About the Dc City Tour

Golf in DC as a young adult can be quite difficult due to the high costs of greens fees at public facilities and getting to the course outside the city. DC Golf has a lot of potential for young adults given it boasts one of the largest millennial golf populations in the US and significant wealth in the city. If you are lucky, try to get invited to one of the high-end private golf courses in the area such as Congressional or Trump National Golf Club.