Northwest Region

Fall 2017 Tournaments
Horn Rapids Golf Club
2800 Clubhouse Ln
Richland, WA - 99354-2189
Oct 14, 2017 12:06 pm
Oct 15, 2017 8:00 am
Competing Teams Compete
Heron Lakes Golf Course
3500 N Victory Blvd
Portland, OR - 97217-7723
Oct 21, 2017 12:06 pm
Oct 22, 2017 9:06 am
Competing Teams Compete
NCCGA National Championship Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort
National Championship
Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort
(Snow Mountain and Wolf Courses)
December 1st - 3rd
The Fall 2017 National Championship is headed to Vegas, where 224 of the top club golfers across the country will test their skills. The University of Georgia took home both the Spring 2017 & Fall 2016 championships and will be looking to make it a three-peat.
NCCGA National Invitational Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort
National Invitational
Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort
(Sun Mountain Course)
December 1st - 3rd
The National Invitational will launch in the Fall of 2017 and occur every semester. The invitational will provide more teams an opportunity to compete at a national level. Teams and individuals that only compete in one regional tournament will all be eligible to qualify.
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Adam Englehorn
Idaho Club Golf President
"Club Golf has provided the PGM program at the University of Idaho with another opportunity for us to play in more tournaments during the school year. We enjoy playing in every tournament and at every venue. The NCCGA has allowed us to make lifelong friendships and allowed us to experience tournament golf around the Northwest and across the country in the National Championships."
Regional Coordinator
Sitton   northwest
C.j. Sitton
Regional Coordinator from University of Oregon
I am a 3rd year student at U of O. I am currently the club president for our team and have been in a leadership role for 2 years now. I played competitive golf for our high school team and one season at Oregon State before transferring to U of O.
The Northwest Region is just about to begin our Third season as part of the NCCGA. The founding Universities of the regional are Central Washington University, Eastern Washington University, and the University of Idaho. This past semester and summer we have expanded the Region with adding 5 teams ranging from Eastern Washington to Western Oregon. The Northwest Region is still looking for many more teams to join the Region and make it even more competitive and take advantage of the great golf we have in the Pacific Northwest. This past semester University of Idaho was the first team from the Northwest Region to get an automatic bid to the National Championship held in New Jersey. It is looking to be a great semester for the Northwest Region having new teams joining and also great facilities hosting us.
Summer Golf Tournaments
Nextgengolf also organizes tournaments for golfers in their 20's and 30's through the City Tour. The tournaments are run from May to September.
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