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Share your #JourneyToBetter experience with everyone by becoming a brand ambassador

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Launched in 2016, Nextgengolf’s Srixon/Cleveland Golf Ambassador Program is designed to help celebrate our relationship with one of the top golf brands in the country.

We want to know where you’re at in your #journeytobetter and how Srixon/Cleveland Golf products have helped elevate your game to the next level. The ambassadors:


  • Represent Srixon/Cleveland Golf products at events.

  • Receive access to the latest Srixon and Cleveland Golf products 

  • Receive Srixon tour staff shadowing experiences at local PGA Tour tournaments

  • Enjoy “Ambassador only” experiences with Srixon/Cleveland Golf PGA Tour professionals at Nextgengolf championships

  • Create content for Nextgengolf and Srixon/Cleveland Golf, including blog articles, social media posts, and testimonial videos.

  • Act as an expert on the brand during regional tournaments, city tour events, club meetings, and everything in-between.

  • Share co-branded material with host golf courses, students, and young professionals on-site.

  • Provide feedback on new product/technology launches, including product reviews.

  • Share your love of Srixon/Cleveland Golf from the mountaintops!


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  • Adam Gracik – DePaul University
  • Adam Nivens – NC State at Raleigh
  • Adam Serbousek – CSU-Fort Collins
  • Alex Rosato – SUNY Cortland
  • Alex McDermand – Florida State
  • Brandon Chezbro – Austin, TX
  • Brenden Leis – Kansas City, MO
  • Chandler Matlock – U. of Oklahoma
  • Chris Mari – Orlando, FL
  • Cody Lysher – Michigan State University
  • Eric Buse – Ohio State University
  • Ethan Zimman – Washington DC
  • Evan Rodwell – U. of South Carolina
  • Faheem Amod – Raleigh, NC
  • Gabe Wollum – Columbus, OH
  • Garrett Gunter – Texas A&M University
  • Greg Preston – University of Georgia
  • Jacob Borton – UCF
  • Jeremy Mason – Iowa State University
  • Jim Campbell – Villanova University
  • Joe Knight – Grand Canyon University
  • Jon Van den Einde – Twin Cities
  • Jonathan Cox – Louisiana Tech University
  • Judson Bro – Milwaukee, WI
  • Kevin Hamori, Houston, TX
  • Kevin Mackin – University of Oregon
  • Luke Stoebick – Indianapolis, IN
  • Matt Hahn – New York, NY
  • Max Doran – University of Pittsburgh
  • Max Omer – UMass Amherst
  • Nick Heyrman – Saint Louis University
  • Nick Vecellio – Philadelphia, PA
  • Patrick Christmas – Boston College
  • Patrick Mullaney – DePaul University
  • Ryan Walker – Virginia Tech University
  • Sean Leahy – San Francisco, CA
  • Tom Nachtwey – U. Wisconsin-Oshkosh
  • Trainor Walsh – Denver, CO

2016 Cleveland/Srixon Ambassador of the Year Kevin Hamori describes his experience being an ambassador and part of the program.


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Srixon and Cleveland Golf have been sponsors of Nextgengolf since 2014 and are excited to support an ambassador program. Since joining forces in 2007, Srixon and Cleveland have continued producing high-quality clubs and golf balls. They have the support of an impressive stable of professional golfers, including:

  • Keegan Bradley

  • Graeme McDowell

  • Hideki Matsuyama

  • J.B. Holmes

  • Shane Lowry

  • Smylie Kaufman

  • Harold Varner III

  • Will McGirt

  • Inbee Park

  • Will Wilcox

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