The National Collegiate Club Golf Association runs competitive, weekend college golf tournaments for students annually during the Fall and Spring.

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Learn more about the experience of playing club golf and what it has to offer you as a college student.
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Over 350 colleges compete in NCCGA Golf Tournaments. Find out if your school has a club team.
NCCGA Club Golf Teams


The NCCGA will host almost 60 regional tournaments this Spring, and the dates have been set.
Fall 2016 tournament schedule.

Of 221,405 male and female high school golfers in the US, less than 8% go on to play varsity collegiate golf., 2015

NCCGA is the governing body for collegiate club golf. Our mission is to provide a competitive outlet for non-varsity college golfers. We support all college-aged golfers and do whatever it takes to help keep students in the game. We understand there is more to college than just golf. Live Life. Play Golf.

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NCCGA Structure

Spring 2017 Tournament Schedule

National Competition

NCCGA is a National organization supporting college students across the US. The entire country is broken up into 29 regions. You can see all the NCCGA Regions here

Regional Golf Tournaments

Each region consists of 3 – 15 college golf teams. A region is managed by a Regional Coordinator who is responsible for running the local tournaments. The top team in each region qualifies for the National Championship each semester. Check out our college golf rankings.

NCCGA College Golf Teams

Each team consists of 5 – 8 players. Any college can have up to 4 teams (2 Men’s teams and 2 Women’s teams). Teams are co-ed, unless a school has a separate men’s and women’s team. Each school has a club president who leads the team. If a college cannot field a team of at least 5 players, individual students can compete representing the school without being part of a team.

What players and coaches have to say about the NCCGA
10 Reasons Why I Love Club Golf
Mason Wicks
Mason Wicks
Illinois State University
Club golf is the perfect opportunity to play competitive golf in college without having the same time commitment as varsity golf. Through club golf you will meet lifelong friends and enjoy competing against many cool people all across the country.
Seth Woods
Seth Woods
Fisher College Coach
Inner city schools like ours often don’t have the space to build large facilities to attract and retain students. The golf club has been that selling point/retention tool at a fraction of the cost. Our students,faculty,staff and admissions department thanks you for that!
Jamie Plays with the NCCGA
Jamie Ehrhart
St. Louis University
After leaving a varsity program and transferring to Saint Louis University, I was fearful that my golf career was over. The NCCGA and Nextgen have allowed me to compete at a high level and continue my golf career for years to come.
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Whether you are joining an existing team,  starting a new team, or playing as an individual, the NCCGA staff is dedicated to helping you succeed as a college golfer. Fill out the NCCGA Request Form and our team will contact you withing 24 hours

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The University South Carolina's Journey at the Fall 2015 Championship

Students reveal what it is really like to play on a club golf team

Over 350 colleges have official NCCGA Club Golf Teams

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UCLA club golf team

Tournament Format

Each semester club golf teams will compete in two, weekend Regional Tournaments. Tournaments are held on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings at central, quality locations. Regional Tournaments are qualifying events for the NCCGA National Championship held each semester for the top teams across the country.

National Championship

Each semester concludes with a college golf experience like no other for the top club golf teams in the country. The NCCGA National Championship has been held at some of the best golf courses in the country including Pinehurst, Firestone, Sea Island, Barefoot Resort,  and TPC San Antonio. The 2016 Fall National Championship took place at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida on November 19/20.


National Championship

Each semester concludes with a college golf experience like no other for the top club golf teams in the country. The NCCGA National Championship has been held at some of the best golf courses in the country including Pinehurst, Firestone, Sea Island, Barefoot Resort, and TPC San Antonio. The 2016 Fall National Championship will be held at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida on November 19/20.

Players who compete in the NCCGA
Other benefits of joining NCCGA

Internship, leadership and job opportunities

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Team gifts, trophies, and prizes

Becoming part of a National network of avid young adult golfers

The National Collegiate Club Golf Association is the governing body for collegiate club golf. Through the coordination and regulation of competition, the NCCGA gives college students the opportunity to interact and compete in regional and national golf tournaments. Our mission is to ensure that every college student has the opportunity to play golf in college. Through this mission, we ensure all NCCGA Leadership and student participants are committed to the tradition, history, and love of the game.


How we play the game and run the company matters. The NCCGA and student participants will never sacrifice our integrity to get ahead.


Facilitating communication and networking among our national association of schools is a top priority. The NCCGA creates lifetime friendships and a National community.


The NCCGA is an inclusive organization. All swings are welcome whether you shoot 65 or 105. All events are co-ed and welcome to any college student no matter how old you are.


The NCCGA is committed to the members of our association and their interests come first. We are dedicated to the success of collegiate club golfers before, during, and after college.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NCCGA?

The NCCGA (National Collegiate Club Golf Association) is the governing body for non-varsity college golf.

Who is eligible to compete?

Any full-time college  student (undergraduate and graduate students included) that is an amateur and NOT on an NCAA varsity golf team. There is no age limit to participate in the NCCGA. Full-time status depends on what your school classifies as full-time.

What is the tournament format?

NCCGA tournaments are 2-day, 36-hole stroke-play events. Students participate as teams of 5-8, or as individuals if their school doesn’t have a participating club team. More details here.

Who plays club golf?

Club golf is played by former high school golfers, recreational players, the academic-focused, former junior tour stars, fraternity and sorority members, and everyone in-between. It’s a welcoming environment that allows students the opportunity to play fun and competitive golf while in college.

Which schools have club golf teams?

Over 300 colleges across the United States have club golf teams. Find your school here: Competing Colleges.

What if my school doesn't have a club team?

The NCCGA can help you through the process of starting a club golf team at your school. Everything from registering through club sports, recruiting players, and funding opportunities.

Students also have the option to compete in our tournaments as individuals if their school doesn’t have a club team participating.

How many players are on a team?

A club team can bring 5 to 8 players to a tournament. The top 5 scores each day count towards the team score. A club team can also elect to have an “A” and “B” team, which would be a minimum of 10 players (5 on each) and a maximum of 16 (8 on each).

Clubs often have 30+ members on campus (some even have 100+), including many recreational players as well.

Can I play as an individual?

Yes! The NCCGA allows students to compete as individuals IF their school does not have a competing club golf team. It’s more fun playing with a team, so we encourage all students to either join their school’s team, or work with us to start one on campus.

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How do I sign-up?

Fill out a prospective team form and our leadership team will explain how we can help you start a club golf team on campus.

What are the costs?

NCCGA club teams pay two costs to participate in a semester.

  1. Team dues
    1. Team dues are $300 per semester and cover the entire team. New teams, however, pay a reduced team due of $150 their first semester participating.
    2. To compete as an individual, without a team, the dues are $30 per tournament and are added into the individual tournament cost.
  2. Tournament fees
    1. The NCCGA runs two tournaments per semester in each region, and the tournaments cost between $70-$110 per player for both rounds. Individuals pay the same price plus the $30 due built in.

If a student is competing as an individual, they simply pay individual dues of $60 for a semester, and then the tournament fees for each event they participate in.

What benefits does a team/student receive?

Club golf teams and all individual students that are members of the NCCGA receive discounts at local golf courses, discounts on equipment and apparel, job/internship opportunities, network events, as well as golf swag at each tournament.

Does the NCCGA run summer events?

The NCCGA does not run any summer events. However, our sister tour the “City Tour” is a summer tour for 18-34 year olds in cities across the country. Similar to the NCCGA, the “City Tour” is team-based and hosts weekend tournaments throughout the summer. Learn more about the City Tour.

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