Fall 2020 Season

Covid-19 Update

We are happy to announce that the NCCGA has put forth the schedule for club golf events this fall. Due to the evolving Covid-19 pandemic, all NCCGA events are to be 1 day to decrease travel requirements and time spent away from campus. You can learn more about what NCCGA events will look like on the What To Expect page.

Along with NCCGA events, we have organized an additional 20 City Tour events for club golfers to play in and compete in team based competition. We are happy to provide team tournaments in a responsible way this fall.

Our NCCGA staff will be in touch with your team to discuss the individual circumstances at your college relating to status of club sports and student particupation.

Thank you for your support of NCCGA and your willingness to take part in club golf events this semester. If you need any additional information on Covid-19, please visit theĀ CDC wesbite.

If you have any questions, please contact our team at or call (617) 453-8732.