Custom Golf Bags from Ouul

Ouul provides quality, custom bags at great prices for Nextgengolf members

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NCCGA Ouul custom college golf bag
NCCGA Ouul custom college golf bag (1)

Look good, play good. Custom bags from Ouul. 

OUUL was launched in 2017 focusing on technically superior golf bags, travel luggage and accessories. They are unique in the industry in that they produce all of their materials and own the warehouse that creates the products.

Starting in 2018 OUUL is the official bag sponsor of Nextgengolf.  As part of the Team Bag program initiative, NCCGA and City Tour players across the country will have a chance to purchase custom golf bag and gear at team pricing.

  • Ouul bags
    • Variety of colors offered
    • Customizable side and ball pocket
    • $150 per standard team bag ($160 for less than 6 bags)
    • $135 per Ouulite team bag  ($145 for less than 6 bags)
      • Price for both bag types includes two logos, shipping + logo set up
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Matt Weinberger

Matt Weinberger
Nextgengolf Team Sales