Custom Golf Hats and T-Shirts From Imperial

Available exclusively to Nextgengolf, NCCGA, and City Tour golfers and teams

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Get new lucky hats or order matching t-shirts for the entire team with Imperial!

Nextgengolf was excited to begin working with Imperial Sports in the Spring 2016 season, providing high-quality custom headwear and t-shirts to our golfers and teams. Whether you want regular caps, bucket hats, visors, or matching team shirts, Imperial can provide affordable pricing on both team and individual orders.

Imperial, founded in 1916, provides the best fit for your lifestyle: From the clubhouse to the beach house and everything in between.

  • Team orders of 6-11 hats $30 flat fee
  • Team orders of 12-23 hats begin at $25 flat fee.
  • Team orders of 24 or more begin at $20 flat fee.


  • Team orders of 6-11 shirts $30 flat fee
  • Team orders of 12-23 shirts $25 flat fee
  • Team orders of 24+ shirts $20 flat fee


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Matt Weinberger

Matt Weinberger
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