City Tour Rules & Eligibilty

  • All golfers in their 20’s and 30’s are eligible to compete.  Play with people your age!
  • All NCCGA and college golfers regardless of age are eligible to compete
  • Players must have amateur status
  • Players may create a team, join a team, or join as a free agent so the Nextgengolf staff can help you get paired with a team
  • Men and women can compete on the same team or play on gender specific team (women play from shorter tees)
  • Tournaments are 1-day team tournaments held on Saturdays or Sundays
  • Teams choose before each tournament if they want to compete in the 2-person Best Ball or 2-person Scramble format.  Teams can bring between 4 to 6 players per tournament and the top two pair scores generate the team total.  If a team brings 6 players, the final pair score is thrown out.  If you have less than 4 players on your team available for a tournament we will assign additional players to your team so you have at least 4
  • Team tournament score takes the best two pair scores (example team score:  74, 80, 70 = team total 144)
  • If a team brings 5 players to an tourney, that fifth player will play his or her own ball and can still have their score count as the third pair score despite not having a partner
  • City Leaders determine the playing distance based on weather and course difficulty
    • Men ~ 6,000-7,000 yards
    • Women ~ 5,200–6,200 yards
  • USGA Rules apply for all play with the following exceptions
    • Pace of Play policy
    • Local rules
    • Triple bogey is the maximum any player can take on a hole. Once a player reaches triple, that player is required to pick up.  You are permitted to pick up your ball at any point of the hole.
    • All City Tour play will incorporate the embedded ball rule through the green
    • Teammates can provide advice to other teammates at any point during the round
    • Players will not be penalized for accidental movement of the ball exclusively on the putting green (USGA local rule)
    • All players that are late for their tournament tee time will be assessed a score of triple bogey for each hole that they miss but will still be allowed to complete play
  • No caddies are permitted during tournaments
  • Range finders and electronic measuring devices are allowed as long as they don’t measure slope or wind
  • City Tour tournaments are riding tournaments (carts included in entry fee)
  • *If a team brings 4 people to a tournament but the player is unable to complete the round for any reason, partial scores will be taken and all final holes will receive an automatic Triple Bogey.  In the event a player DNS to an tournament, his or her partner’s score will still count as the pair total, and can contribute to the top two pairs.
  • Winning Best Ball and Scramble teams at each tournament are eligible for the City Tour Championship held in September
  • Teams earn points at each tournament throughout the summer which are used to determine the Best Ball and Scramble team champions in each city.  See below for point distribution at each tournament*
  • Teams are not required to play in all tournaments locally to be eligible for the City Tour Championship
  • Wild Card Selection Process
    • Number of wild card teams is determined based on how many City Championship bids are still available after invitations are distributed
    • Teams will be ranked for both Scramble and Best Ball finishes based on handicap differentials by round using the USGA Handicap formula: (Gross Score by Day-(Rating*2))*113/(Slope*2)
    • ex. (140 – (72*2))*113/(130*2) = -1.73
  • Top Pair Qualifying Process
  • The Best Ball and Scramble champions from the previous City Tour Championship receive an auto-bid for the next championship

Local Tournament Point Distribution

  • 1st Place – 6 Points*
  • 2nd Place – 3 Points*
  • 3rd Place – 1 Point*

* The final tournament in each city is worth 9 Points, 5 Points, and 2 Points

2018 City Tour Championship

In the event any tiebreaker cannot be settled with the following procedures, Nextgengolf staff will be consulted

Team Tiebreaker Policy for City Tour Touranments

  1. Compare combined Best Ball or Scramble scores from both counting pairs for each team against other team(s) for the #1 handicap hole (proceed to next hardest hole until tie is broken).

Scorecard Playoff to Break Pair Ties

  1. Compare Best Ball or Scramble score to par from the #1 handicap hole (regardless of whether the players played the same course)
  2. Continue to compare the next hardest hole in a sudden death format until one 2-person pair remains

Team Tiebreaker for National Champions

  • To break team ties at the City Championship, the “Team Tiebreaker Policy for City Tour Events” will be utilized except as it relates to determine the National Champions (based on course availability)
  • To determine the City Champions for teams that are tied, the lowest Scramble or Best Ball pair from the weekend for each team(s) that are tied will compete in a sudden death playoff
  • The course pro and City Tour leadership will determine order of playoff holes (order of play will be determined by drawing from hat)
  • After each hole, the Best Ball or Scramble score from each team will be compared with the other team(s) that are tied. In the event these scores are the same, the playoff will continue until a single team remains. Each hole the order of play reverses
  • In the event daylight/course availability does not allow for a team playoff to be completed, the “Team Tiebreaker Policy for City Tour Events” will be utilized
  • Inclement weather will be monitored by the City Leader and the course pro
  • If an event is shortened due to inclement weather, Nextgengolf staff will work with the course to determine the course’s normal refund/rain check policy
  • City Tour tournaments do not require conforming grooves and do not ban anchored putters
  • Alcohol is permitted during play for players over 21.  Players drink at their own risk and must act responsibly
  • Proper dress is required: no tank tops, t-shirts, denim shorts, short shorts, cut-offs, gym shorts or jeans are allowed. If dressed inappropriately, the course can refuse the right to let you play
  • Nextgengolf Media staff and third parties are allowed access to grounds for team and individual video and pictures. All content is the ownership of Nextgengolf
  • Prize Policy
    • Prizes will be awarded to Best Ball and Scramble teams and pairs in 2018
  • City Tour Refund Policy – Our tournaments will go on rain or shine. Play will only be suspended or rescheduled/canceled if the course staff deem the golf course unplayable (lightning, standing water etc). The reason we do this is to ensure we can work in the players’ best interest to secure partial refunds or rain checks.  Each course is different in how they deal with weather so our staff works with the course early in the week after any weather-shortened events take place.  Please take note of our additional refund policy requirements:
    • No refunds will be issued once the payment deadline passes
    • Any tournaments purchased with a discount code, or via the multi-tournament package, are not eligible for refunds
    • Promotional codes cannot be retroactively used for prior purchases
    • Refunds will be issued to Nationals participants only if another team/individual can fill in and compete
    • No refunds will be issued for teams paying for players who do not come to a tournament
  • The City Championship will have a reschedule date in the event weather forces the course to be deemed unplayable.  The 2018 reschedule date is Oct 6th and Oct 7th.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), (including changes made by the ADA Amendments Act of 2008, effective January 1, 2009), TITLE 42 – THE PUBLIC HEALTH AND WELFARE, CHAPTER 126 – EQUAL OPPORTUNITY FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES.

  • Most tournaments will include a cart as part of the tournament fee. Walking is allowed if you choose to walk as opposed to ride, but will not be refunded for the cart fee.
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